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Event Organizer

  • Concert
  • Cooperate event & Promotion:
    • Press Conference
    • Product Launching and Promotion Activities
    • Grand Opening Event
    • Seminar
    • Cooperate Party
    • Etc.
  • Booth & Exhibition
  • Road show: Nationwide activities
  • Special event

New Business

From a business standpoint, it has been important to pursue a diversity of work to make Impaq Presentation, a truly fully integrated service provider in Event Organizing. We, therefore, have extended our business to be a Content Creator to explore more market channel for clients. Our professional area of Content Creator is Music & Sport Marketing which is considered the main entertainment lifestyle for Thais Markets this day.

To be a professional Content Creator, it is not only to create the differentiation in the market but also the unexpected event with clear concept to be accepted. A well and clearly understanding of consumer behavior is very important for Impaq Presentation, so we can interpret them informatively and select the best method and the right presenter to make the effective impact and wide consumer awareness.

Our strength asset in this business covering our well and widely network of connection to a famous Artist, Superstar, Singer, Sportsman both domestic and international, as well as the right to create international event combined with our professional background in Event Organizing, we, therefore, believe that our new service as Content Creator will be one of the effective channel for our client to efficiency grow their business continuously and firmly.